BMX vs Skateboarding (A Full Comparison)

BMX and skateboarding are both very popular sports. However, they’re quite different from one another. They have unique skill requirements, budget ranges, and so on. Choosing one of these hobbies will undoubtedly add plenty of adventure to your life, but which one should you pick?

When it comes to BMX vs. skateboarding, BMX is much harder to learn and it’s more expensive. It’s also more dangerous because of the speed and air time. However, BMX is much more engaging, adventurous, and impressive on a professional level. Pro BMX riders also make more money than pro skaters.

In this post, we’ll explain whether you should choose BMX or skateboarding. We’ll also answer a handful of frequently asked questions about both sports.

Is BMX Harder Than Skateboarding?

BMX is harder than skateboarding because a bicycle has more moving parts than a skateboard. You have to learn how to control each motion, not to mention the various tricks performed in the air. Skateboarding is much easier because a lot of beginner stunts don’t require grinding rails, ramps, and so on.

A lot of the difficulty surrounding BMX is tied to the adrenaline-pumping stunts and speed. You can take it slow on a skateboard, but it’s very difficult to do BMX stunts without maintaining reliable speed. Many BMX tricks engage your entire body rather than just your legs, which makes them much more immersive.

Is BMX More Dangerous Than Skateboarding?

BMX is more dangerous than skateboarding because it’s faster, higher in the air, and uses far more muscles. Basic BMX stunts, such as grinding or performing a wheelie, can be much more dangerous than beginner skateboarding tricks. You can reduce the danger level of both sports by wearing the proper padding and helmets.

Air bailing is the primary reason BMX is more dangerous than skateboarding. When you jump off a skateboard mid-air during a failed stunt, you can almost always brace yourself or land on your feet. However, jumping off a BMX bike can lock your legs and send you crashing to the ground.

Keep in mind that you can be much safer on a BMX bike or skateboard if you take it slow and cruise off ramps before attempting tricks. Try to learn what it feels like to get a lot of air, then practice what you’ll do in case you accidentally fall. Bracing yourself can make a world of difference.

Which Is More Popular BMX or Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is more popular than BMX because it’s more accessible, affordable, and easier to learn. Skateboards also have a lot fewer parts than BMX bikes, which means they’re easier to repair and replace various parts.

Here’s a list of additional reasons skateboarding is more popular than BMX:

  • Skateboarding is less risky and dangerous than BMX.
  • You can quickly customize and repair skateboards.
  • Skaters can ride their boards almost anywhere while finding places to do tricks.
  • You can bring a skateboard into stores, schools, and other locations without locking them up.
  • There are more video games and movies based on skateboarding than BMX riding.

Just because skateboarding is more popular doesn’t mean it’s better for everyone. Some people prefer the control of BMX riding over the accessibility and affordability of skateboarding.

Which Is Cheaper BMX or Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is cheaper than BMX because it requires fewer parts, cheaper materials, and reduced repair costs. Furthermore, you can get a low-end skateboard for a fraction of the cost of BMX bikes. That being said, professional BMX riders and skateboarders make nearly the same amount of income.

Concrete Wave Magazine claims a good skateboard costs up to $150. However, spending $150 on a BMX bike wouldn’t even get you into the mid-range tier.

BMX bikes often cost over $500, and it’s not uncommon for them to cost over $800 to $1,200. Repairs, labor costs, and other services are typically higher for BMX bikes than skateboards.

Note: Padding for BMX bikes and skateboards typically costs the same. You should get helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads if you’re a beginner. Some BMX racers prefer special cycling shoes that clip onto the pedals for better grip. For freestyle BMX and skateboarding share the same kind of shoes.

Should I Pick BMX or Skateboarding?

You should pick BMX if you prefer fast pace, high-intensity sports. BMX offers incredible excitement, unlike any other activity. Those who prefer gradual skill increments and varying styles of tricks and stunts should choose skateboarding. Trying both hobbies will let you know which one is right for you.

While skateboarding isn’t as expensive or dangerous as BMX, it’s not always a top selection for everyone. BMX is undoubtedly a great pick for people who crave adrenaline and energetic sports. It’s exciting and it always offers new trails, tricks, and parks to try.

Skateboarding is better for the average hobbyist. It’s easy to get into, but you can slowly develop your skills if you want to be a professional. Furthermore, skateboarding lets you get into the sport without having to cruise at high speeds to do nearly every stunt (as you would with BMX).

Are BMX Bikes Allowed In Skateparks?

Most skateparks don’t allow BMX bikes because they’re much faster, bulkier, and more dangerous when they’re around skateboards. However, some skateparks permit BMX bikes. Always check your local skatepark before riding BMX bikes, scooters, and other sports equipment  (aside from skateboards).

You can choose BMX parks if you have a bike, but they’re not nearly as common as skateparks. Breaking the rules can get you kicked out and banned from the skatepark. It’s not worth dealing with the consequences, so make sure you abide by the signs before entering the park.

How to Ride a BMX at a Skatepark

Riding BMX at a skatepark is how I spend most of my free time. So here’s how to perform all kind of grinds, stalls, ramp tricks, etc.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is a top choice for the average rider because it’s more affordable and easier to learn. You can skate anywhere, while BMX riding requires ramps and other accessories. That being said, both sports are more than worth trying. The best way to know which one is best for you is to try both and see what sticks!

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